WACŁAW ZIMPEL - clarinets
PAWEŁ POSTAREMCZAK – tenor & soprano saxophones
DOMINIK STRYCHARSKI – recorders alto & tenor
JACEK KITA – upright piano
WOJCIECH TRACZYK – double bass
MIKE MAJKOWSKI – double bass
HUBERT ZEMLER – drums, metalophone

Waclaw Zimpel and his ensemble effortlessly evoke Javanese chamber gamelan, Lou Harrison, Reich and Riley, India and the middle east, and the holy minimalism of Arvo Pärt & John Coltrane. The music moves from the lushest thickets of sound, almost electronic in spectral array, to the starkest and most bare boned; the narrative is patient and organic, with gentle patterns gradually winding their way into unexpected corners and the deepest of grooves. What’s more important, they find the hidden links between these diverse musics, and weave them into something coherent and rich, full of expressivity and beauty and power. A stunning and compelling travelogue through world musical practice of the late 20th and early 21st century.
Evan Ziporyn